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Remote Repeater Monitoring Devices

Need a reliable, low power and easy way to monitor the your remote repeater sites?
Need to monitor battery voltage remotely?
Need to reboot devices remotely?
Need to monitor solar or wind production? Air Temperature? Fuel Levels? Wind Turbine RPM? AC Line Voltage and Presence?
Need to control loads based on voltage, ping status or other conditions?

Look no further than the Flexs Q5, Built right here in BC Canada using the latest and most reliable industrial and safety rated components.
The Flex Q5 Features:

  • Eight Ultra High Resolution 24BIT analog voltmeters with resolution down to .00001V, modes for +/- 5V, +/-10V, +/- 60V and 4-20MA
  • Eight 60V Isolated DC Solid State Relays with surge ratings up to 200A’s each or Four Latching Relays rated for up to 400VAC @ 16A
  • DS18B20 Temp Sensor bus allows you to quickly and easily connect up to 32 Digital Temp sensors
  • SNMP, JSON, UDP, HTTP access for reading analog input values and relay states

Onboard logic allows you to trigger the output relays based on lost ping counters, input voltages, temperatures, timers, input frequencies or other conditions.

Each analog input can also be configured to count pulses, calculate frequencies (I.E. Annometer output or Wind Turbine RPM from 3 phase output)

Lyttonnet has been using the FlexSCADA remote site monitoring devices throughout it’s wireless isp (wisp) network to monitor various metrics as well a controlling several remote start generators for the past 5 years with fantastic success!


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