About Us

Lyttonnet provides high speed internet to Lytton and the surrounding community via 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz), 802.11 n (900MHz) and 802.11 a/n (5GHz)  wireless networking technology that uses unlicensed, public access frequencies.   In addition we utilize licensed frequencies in the 3.5 GHz band. Lyttonnet is a community effort, created and maintained by members of Lytton Area Wireless Society and other supporting local community members. Lyttonnet is a participant in the BC Connecting Communities initiative which provides an affordable and reliable “backbone” to the internet. By providing “last mile” internet service to Lytton, the Society is actively assisting the BC Government to reach its goal in providing broadband internet to rural communities. It is a goal of the Society to accomplish this at minimal expense to the users while providing rock solid connectivity. If you are interested in getting involved in this community effort, feel free to attend our monthly meetings – usually at 7:30pm on the second Thursday of each month. View our Meeting Schedule  For further information contact a society member today! The strength of Lyttonnet is in the many individuals and organizations who have and continue to contribute their time and expertise to help Lyttonnet succeed.   A comprehensive list is not possible here, but a few names in alphabetical order include: Rod Bate, Steve Hall, Dan Mundall, Daniel R. Mundall, Jon Mundall, Steve Mundall, Seth Mundall, Ruth Mundall, Jeremy Brousson, Robert Richards There are many other names to be sure and these are all part of what has and continues to make Lyttonnet the very best way to GET CONNECTED! D Mundall