Confused? Have any questions about how things work? We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if you still need help please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Depending on whether you receive our fibre optic service or our wireless service the installation will be different. Unless our service has already been installed at your home previously, a technician must come to your home to do the installation.

Installation of our wireless service consists of mounting a Dish on the outside of your home. The Dish is aligned and configured to receive a signal from one of our repeater stations.

Then an ethernet cable is run into your home and connects the Wireless Dish to a Power Supply (POE). This is then connected to a wireless router to provide a wireless signal throughout your home.

You may or may not already have a line run from the pole to your home, but if not, the technician will run a fibre optic cable from the street pole to the outside of your home. A junction box will be attached to your wall and from there a cable will run inside and to a modem. The modem will connect via ethernet cable to a wireless router that provides a wireless signal throughout your home.