These FAQs cover the general services of Lyttonnet.  If you have a question regarding your service, please browse the FAQs below before contacting us.  If your question is still not answered, you may contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

If your question is of a general nature, you may want to visit our Forum.

My connection has become slow - what is the problem?

There are several things to look for if your connection is slow. You may want to check these things before calling Lyttonnet:

How slow is your connection? You can try a speedtest to see how the connection is. We have a speedtest server that can be found on the Lyttonnet.com site. The download and upload speed should be close to what is provided in your Service Plan. For Powerbolt customers, you should expect around 4Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speed. Check your actual service plan to see what to expect.
Have you exceeded a bandwidth quota? Your internet usage is measured each month, even if you pay by the year. If your internet downloads or uploads exceed your quota in a month your connection may be slowed. For instance, for Powerbolt customers a quota of 20 GB traffic is included each month. This is about 5 full feature HD movie downloads. Ordinary web browsing will not use much quota. Even things like Youtube are not big. However, if your quota is exceeded you should check for viruses, and also check your settings with Peer-to-Peer sharing programs like Limewire, Bit-torrent etc.

You may verify what is included with your plan in the Service Plan are of the web site or click here. You may verify your actual usage on the Lyttonnet Portal at the log-in page. If your usage exceeds the quota the connection may be slowed for a few days until your last 30 days is less than the quota. If your usage becomes much greater than the quota the connection may be stopped! In this case you may call Lyttonnet to make an adjustment to the account.

Is the wireless router in your home causing the problem? Sometimes wireless routers need to be re-booted to work properly again. Simply unplug the wireless router for 5 seconds and see if the connection works better. Also, we always recommend that your wireless router is set to Channel 6 to avoid interference with Lyttonnet.

If you still think there is a problem Contact Us immediately!

Token Instructions

Lyttonnet provides Instant Access Tokens tailored for customers wishing to gain internet access for short or infrequent periods.

These tokens are available at a number of places, check here for your options.

Entering a Token ID:

The Token ID is comprised of a random combination of 12 case sensitive letters and numbers.  Due to the fact that some characters are difficult to distinguish, a font has been chosen that displays a unique symbol for each character.  Even so, it may still be difficult for you to see the difference between a 1 or a lower case L.  or a capital O and the zero (0).

The table below shows each character that may be used, and compares difficult characters side by side.

If you are not able to log in, chances are that you are mis-reading the token ID.  Check the problem characters, and make sure the letters are in the correct case.


If you are still having troubles, and you have checked all these things, contact us for additional help.

Where to get Tokens

Suncatcher Crafts

379 Main St.

Acacia Leaf Cafe

437 Main St.

Braeden Lodge Motel

223 Main St.

Info Center

400 Fraser St.

Totem Motel

320 Fraser St.

Why do I get a security warning?

Various parts of our website and system use encryption for your security.  Often websites use third-party Certificate Authorities like Verisign to verify that the website really is who they say they are.  We don’t always need this verification, and so have created our own certificate authority signature.  Just download and accept our certificate from here  and you should no longer receive the security warnings.

Why is my wireless connection fading out, or disconnecting?

Interference from cordless phones and other 2.4ghz devices is the primary problem relating to intermitent link problems. Please avoid the use of these phones, opting for 900mhz when possible to avoid connectivity dropouts. Your wireless link may fade slightly during heavy rainstorms and/or windstorms, but you should be able to maintain a connection.

If you have lost your connection there are a number of things you should check before you request assistance from tech support.

  • At the command prompt type ‘ping’ and watch for a reply. If there is no reply, keep checking the items on the list. If there is a reply, then chances are the internet is down for everyone. This could be due to scheduled maintenance or the unlikely event of a major internet outage.
  • Check your network interface to be sure that it is enabled and reports a connection. Even if it is connected, try disabling and then enabling the network device. (repair connection)
  • Check the power cord that goes to the Power Over Ethernet (POE) device.
  • Reboot your computer, access point client, router, etc. (If you don’t have automatic power conditioning/backup from a UPS you may experience power brownouts that may affect the devices and require a power cycle)
Why can't I send email?

Most Internet services currently disable users that are out of their territory from being able to use their outgoing email server (eg. smtp.telus.net) in order to avoid relaying spam from unauthorized users. You will need to use our outgoing email server which is mail.lyttonbc.net.  In order to assure that your email is not compromised while on our network, we provide a secure ssl connection, just check the option on your email client! 

When will I get an email account?

We are currently working on a solution for email service, and are hopefull that it will be ready by the beginning of 2007. When it is functional it will be ‘yourname’@lyttonbc.net.

In the meantime, if you have a telus account, you can retain your existing email account for $5/month and access it through our system with webmail or pop3 access.

If you need a new email account immediately we are able to provide our customers with an invite to setup a gmail account.  (see www.gmail.com)

Thank you for your patience!

I signed up, when will I get service?

We have quite a large list of people interested in service and are currently unable to install client hardware as fast as the list has grown.  Currently we are prioritizing installations in locations that have easy access to our service in order to get the most customers served in a short time.  If you are in an area where service is currently unavailable it may take some time before we are able to meet your request.

If you are interested in getting your connection quicker, feel free to get involved!